Mk1 Yoyos - Experimental yoyo designs

Is this the collab with Spinworthy or a new run of something released earlier?

The Contact is a re-run, the collaboration with Spinworthy is something entirely new and strange and fun (and responsive).


Fav colorway of this batch. Mine is scuffed already :sob:


Here’s something new!

Back to Mk1Contact news as these are releasing on the 30th.

HD stands for Ham Dog. This is the signature colorway for Mk1 team member Connor Sheahan.

This is a watermelon colorway, something he became obsessed with after seeing a “protomelon” from Smashing Yoyos. This is a different take on that idea which keeps the color separation while spinning, which also smooths out the painterly green “rind” on the rim.

Every one of these looks slightly different due to the hand-drawn nature of the colorway.

Ham Dog also made some tricks with this, there’s more tricks out there of course, but here’s two of them:


I dig it

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