Middle click opens it in both the new tab and this one


For some reason, middle clicking, or open a new tab clicking, opens the link in both this tab and the new one. A fix for this would be greatly appreciated as it’d let us browse multiple threads at once.


I don’t have that problem. Maybe you accidently click the left click button as well? I use a laptop, but if you do a ctrl click (hold down ctrl and click) it should work fine.


What browser are you using? Does this happen on any other website?


This sounds like a browser issue, not a YYE issue…

(JM) #5

That’s got less to do with YYE itself and alot more to do with the interaction between your web browser and your human interface device (i.e. mouse).

If you’re using Firefox or a variant of it (Chrome), this has been a problem that comes and goes for seemingly no reason. Make sure you have the latest version of firefox and updates for all extensions.

If all else fails, ctrl + left-click has always done the tricky-trick for me.