(Ryan) #1

so this is my first time seeing mickey live but the wierd part is that he looks fatter from his picture on the net(no offense) and he playsss sooo coooooollllllllll…

I got his autograph does anyone want to buy it LOL joking


so did u get his autograph? and of course he plays cool! He’s mickey!

(Ryan) #3

of course i got it on my speed maker and xconvict and on paper.I also got dimi’s and this guy’s(this guy who invented pyro) autograph


I dont know why, but I’m going for Jensen Kimment this year.

Jensen Kimmet for Worlds 09 1a!

(system) #5

hey can i see his autograph?

(Ryan) #6

what you mean?see his autograph…
You want to see the picture?


Im pretty sure he meant that. Take a photo to show us! i wanna see what it looks like too!

(Ryan) #8

hey i dont really know how to insert the image.can you tell me how lol?

(Johnny T) #9

Try uploading the picture at tinypic.com and upload copy the link and paste the link with these . Paste the link between those thingys


Fixed :smiley:

(Ryan) #11

i cant really upload it somehow sorry guys