Michael Jackson dead at 50.

(SR) #1

If you haven’t heard, The King of Pop died in his home today at noon, went under cardiac arrest. :’(
I was on the internet today and I found this. for more info, visit: http://www.cnn.com/2009/SHOWBIZ/Music/06/25/jackson/index.html

(Shisaki) #2

I dont fell sorry, he used his money to get out of things when he shouldl of went to jail. Also his songs get stuck in my head…


Although he did many things worng he is still a person and every death is sad, no matter who or what it is.

(SR) #4

It’s bitter/sweet for me. Although i’m only twelve and barely hear his music, it’s sad. I don’t know why.


Lets go with PhillyD to express how I feel.


Well, a lot of people hate him but I feel sorry for deaths. Beat It was a good song.

MJ did Beat IT! Today.

(Jerry) #7

W0w… You actually think that Michael Jackson used money to get out of going to jail? There is no legal way that he could have done that because he was already on trial you can only use money to get out of trial before it starts not during and it is a very sad tradgedy that he died at only 50 and how can you not like his music anyways?!?

(Shisaki) #8

His songs, they influenced my friend, and since every syas MJ is you know what hes starting to act like him…and it scares me…

(Mitch) #9

This year has been bad… Gary Gygax, Dave Arneson, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcet and now MJ… Im worried…


Michael was a god guy, besides for the incident back in 05’, he is a person too. Was funny when he showed up in court with pajamas. He never got to do his tour in July.


John Newton the actor died this year too… not to make things worse or anything.

Even though MJ was a little… weird, he was a great singer, and it is such a tragedy an amazing singer has died. He was a great person.


Yeah I fell sorry about him he made great songs and Shisaki417 how can you say such a thing to a poor man that is dead whats wrong with you.

(JDrocks!) #13

deep words man deeep words


Now who’s gonna do the Moonwalk?


im bet he wouldnt want you to FELL sorry for him

he was a idol revolutionized music and fashion i bet you anything that any band or singer that anyone listens to grew up with his music and was strongly influenced by him the king of pop will be missed its just a shame that people can only remember the worst points of his life and not the amazing things he did for the musical world


Wow, sadly enough, a chick fell from out roof. When it hit the floor, it was still alive, but it was too small to help it at all. We brought it inside out house to let it die in warmth and dignity. I stayed with it for two hours before it died. It actually died in my hands…

Yep, yesterday was pretty sad.


You know the guy that will do the moonwalk is the guy from britains got talent.

(Mikey) #18

the word got spread so quickly, look on utube, the spotlight is michael jackson.


I liked him.His song were good!!!
I feel :frowning:


Watching the great KevJumba’s video about him made me feel bad bout him  :’(