Metroid Prime Trilogy


I see that my post on the Conduit wasn’t too great. :’(

How 'bout this? Anyone play the Metroid Prime series? Or ANY Metroid game for that matter?


I’ve played one and two. Both are great games.


I own Metroid Prime 1 2 and 3


Woo! Yeah!

I have the Trilogy Disc; VERY convenient lol

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Ive played most all the metroid games at one point in my life haha and Id have to say my favorite is metroid: zero mission for the gba. i like the side scrolling adventure games more than anything, too bad they dont make them anymore…metroid: fusion was awesome as well, close second to zero mission

Love metroid. nuf said.


Well, the GAME wasn’t too great either. Sure, the graphics were top notch for a system like the Wii, and would like to see more of that. However, There was a corny storyline, bad guns, and repetitive hallways and enemies. Anyone who ever watched the Scifi channel knows the storyline to it.

We’ll see if the sequel is better. Glad I borrowed it and didn’t buy it. Multiplayer was also mediocre, but was the 1st fps online for the wii.

It was bittersweet.