i love to yoyo im more of a biker than a yoyoer i play baseball i love to play need for speed games now how about you

(XDuctTape_LoverX) #2

I do like to yoyo. I work for an upcoming skateboard company called Moneybagz,the website is, I play baseball and soccer, I’ve been undergoing cancer treatment for a year now :’(, and I love to play chess. I’m a sport fanatic like know every sport and stats of any good player in any sport. I’m a procrastinator and my parents call me “Slack” cuz i slack off, i put everything to the last minute to do something but, soon I’d like to be called Slack cuz of my Slack Tricks when I get better. I’m taking the AG program. AG is like the GATE equivilant in NC.I play video games sometimes. I want to learn how to ride a unicycle and how to use a diabolo!!! Also I play the electric guitar and drums. I like to beatbox, I do it everywhere, anywhere, just to annoy and amaze my family and friends.


I also love to yoyo (even though I only started a little while ago). I play football, basketball, tennis, and I did baseball and track for the last 6 years (but HS doesn’t want me to do 5 sports by giving me so much work). I personally love playing video/flash games (kongregate is a sweet website for flash games… can be found at  I am usually in the chatroom impossible is nothing) (not trying to advertise just really like the site and it would be nice to see some people there that know anything about yoyoing.) Also, I really like to parkour/ watch parkour videos (just google it).


i love yoyoing im also a good bass player. I am starting to get into something called contact juggling. i don’t play many sport. i am on the wister wight lifting team and football team. my slogan is keep it spinning.


I am really into yoyoing but I really get into hobbies like this! I could show you some mad magic tricks and blow your mind in smash bros brawl. I started guitar a while ago (hoping to finish eventually) and can do different piano songs… I enjoy reading my bible (Im not trying to push my religion on anyone but I do have a relation ship with God, deal with it.) and praying (my father is a pastor), I enjoy playing my wii and psp and well yoyoing! Im 16 and in high school and currently my parents are in kazakstan adopting a child that we have named ethan shaun (instead of his russian name sirgay… yah you can see why we renamed him). I also enjoy watching the colts win, and typing long nonending paragraphs about myself… yah. I enjoy skiing (snowboarding is not quite as awesome), and watching others snowboard. I like being in the chat room because I am a fast typer with a quick whit… wit…whatever. My favorite TV shows are psych, heroes, lost, chuck, monk, and mythbusters (in that order). I also enjoy the comedy stylings of demitri martin and jeff dunham. I enjoy typing “I enjoy” as many times as possible. I enjoy winning things from this website and buying stuff from this website. I think Andre Boulay is amazing and think that his customer service is awesome. I like watching college humor and homestar runner on the web, along with playing any flash game that I like…If you are still reading this I would like you to get go outside immediately and get a life. You shouldn’t spend 10 minutes reading someone else’s entire life story…

Keep on spinning…
(does this mean I want your yoyos to continue to spin or am I forcing you guys to spin?)

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I Love to yoyo, im homeschooled at the moment. I passed 8th grade recently about 5 months early, I will be going to HEC for grades 9-13(yes, there is a 13th grade level there), My other hobbies besides yoyoing are, bike riding, Racket Ball, Being around the few friends that I have and my Girlfriend, hmm what else…Im trying to learn to juggle and do sleight of hand tricks, umm, I guess thats all.

I probaly think of 10 more things as soon as i click “post”, haha :smiley:






this is like the 3rd time someone necroed the oldest unrelated thread on yye (thAT ive seen)


I like punctuation and grammar.


Me too!,48012.0.html