(winterjibber) #1

my internet wont let me search anything or else i would do this myself. can any one tell me the total number of mcdonalds in the world

(JM) #2

The only thing I could find is over 30,000


Over 31,000:

(winterjibber) #4



Too many in my opinion.

(JonasK) #6

I have to drive 2 hours if I want to eat at one. There’s not too many restaurants, just too many people eating there.


In the U.S. there’s one every 5 steps!

(JM) #8

That’s odd! In Florida, you can’t drive two blocks without seeing one.

(JonasK) #9

But then Florida is actually visible on Google Earth…

(SR) #10


Haha true. Well America is fat because we have so many McDonald’s and McDonald’s is still here because we are so fat, no offense to anyone and generally speaking.

(JonasK) #12

We got fat people here too, not just in the larger quantities. But I guess that’s mainly because we have smaller quantities of everything.


Yup. McDonald’s makes more fat people, more fat people brings more McDonald’s, not to sound offensive.


Who has seen the movie Super Size Me?



Eat - barf! Eat - barf!

(SR) #16

Do I need to? :smiley:

(JonasK) #17

Nah it’s just a man eating junk-food for four weeks. And then you see all the bad stuff that comes with junk-food.


He eats like, the supersize meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a month so he can show you how bad that stuff is for you if you eat too much.


You can actually find the whole film on Youtube. It is quite sad what happens to the guy.