MB's Powder Thread!! Come & see the power of powder...page one first post news!!


Here’s something a little special.

Splash powder coat, that’s right SPLASH, project. Translucent candy orange over a polished C3 DiBase also has a super gloss clear coat with a heavy gold flake additive.

Almost looks like the ILYY canodized a bit. This was not an easy project.

Just a few pics from the shop. Flowable is setting up now and will have some action shots tomorrow.


Head explodes

Jayyo will be happy.

(Jei Cheetah) #12

Good gosh how much do you charge to do these?


Depends but around $30 to $40


a pic in the sun and some motion shots…



Super sick powder jobs man, I’m totally digging.


Could you possibly list every color that you offer?

They look great.


Thank you.

Gloss Black
High Gloss Black
Gloss Blue
Gloss Yellow
Gloss White
Super Gloss Clear—great for sealing polish jobs
Smoke Chrome
Anodized Red
Translucent Green
Translucent Blue
Translucent Violet
Candy Raspberry
Candy Orange
Metallic Blue–prizm flake
Red Metallic–prizm flake
Black Metallic–prizm flake
Clear Metallic–prizm flake
Glow in the dark–coming soon

Any of the translucents can have flake added to them.

Flakes I have are Gold and Prizm.
Flakes I can get are just about anything.

Base colors like black, white, yellow etc. can be clear coated and flaked if wanted.

If there is a color you don’t see I can get it and will. Flourescents, flip flops all kinds of options.

Hope this helps a little and of course if anyone is interested it’s best to pm me and we can work up just about anything.


Alright sweet. Thanks, man. So many options!

You can add a prism flake to a super clear gloss, right?




Awesome work you’re doing!


Very cool!!!

Do you mask off the response area?


Yes and most of the time I just leave the pads in. But due to the heat of the cure process it melts the glue on the back of them and I just remove them or they come out stuck to the mask.

I add flowable free of charge, if wanted, when I do a powder job.


Hmm I hadn’t considered masking. Can you post a gut shot?


Here ya go…


Ooooh my bad, I thought you were talking about masking near the bearing seat, like where you mask with abrasive blasts. I didn’t read close enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, though.


The key to satisfaction is thorough research my friend.

I don’t mess with the bearing seat or response area. I have blasted them before and only lightly and quickly at that. Don’t like taking chances.


These look great! Do you need the yoyo stripped before you receive it?


Awesome job!

The job you did on the C3 DiBase looks amazing!


I’ve been wondering. Is it possible to grind with a powder coated yoyo? I’ve never held one so I am a little clueless as far as that.