Math question


Hi people, can you help me with this math question?

Solve the formula for D: A = B + BCD

Can you also provide an explanation? Thanks ;D


Is this a joke or an actual question from math class? You have to know A to find out the rest.

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Here is a solution. I’m sure it looks like an example from your textbook, but I hope it helps:

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You have the right idea, but varibles do not have to have a value assigned to solve an equation. In this case all we had to do was set the equation equal to “D”.


Thanks so much JM! ;D I understand it now ;D


Dang it! I love math! I sooo wish I would have seen this sooner.


Haha don’t worry, more might be coming soon ;D


Awesome. Truly awesome. You can PM me on the next one(s). =)

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Sorry louisezz.
I’m too dull in mathematics.
i think my grade is always “C” or “D”

(Currently we are now in Geometry.)