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I need help in marching band… like I can march, and I can play, but I can’t do both. How I did it in the past month was kinda assign a note to a foot. So if we were doing quarter notes, I would play one note per step… etc.

The problem is we’re doing dotted quarters, and it doesn’t really correspond with your feet much… And on some rhythms, I get confused while marching… and get kinda screwed.



I’m not in marching band but im in a regular band… i think that you should get your marching down and then play the notes so you dont have to think about both you just do it… get wat i mean

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What do you play?


Tenor Sax. And I can play, I can march, but I can’t do both.


Isolate your playing from your marching. I doubt that will be easy though… The key to anything is practice.

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Follow the beat of the Bass drum, that’s why we are here. Also, do something mundane to keep in step, blink your eyes for every time your left foot hits the ground or soemthing


I’m a marching band geek so hopefully my advice will be of some help.

It’ll take some time to get used to. I have to play 8th notes for most of our show this year. My music is all over the place with a bunch of dotted notes, 8th notes, etc… Keep and eye on the conductor. It’ll help a lot. Most of your show will be the same pace too, get used to marching that pace before adding the music. Probably one of the most important things is to know the music by heart. You need to know it so well that you don’t have to think about it. You want to just naturally play the music so you can concentrate on where you’re going and who you’re around. Make sure you know the music VERY well.


Well i march at my school so ill try to help.Do you know facing movement like left face,about face,ect?If so then just march in place with cadince,and play at the same time.Hope that helps

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Is his problem, not about face, left face, or forward march turnarounds.

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try playing with a metranome and playing the dotted quarters. then start to march in place while playing.


Field show or parade?


We don’t do faces, we just turn our feet and keep facing the same way.

Both, but for now, field.