Magic tricks


some magic that I have.


I know how you do the first one, but I use 6 and 9 for it. But nice magic tricks. :smiley:

Suggestion: For a better effect on the first trick, keep your hands in camera view at all times.

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All from the magic kit! Lol. I’m really bad at magic tricks, only the dislocating your finger trick i’m getting pretty good - Haha! Keep practicing. :wink:



Nice tricks! try to disguise it more… i can see how you did both… i assume.


PM me how you think it was done.


the first one you had the same 2 numbers but different suits than the ones u put in (the top and bottom cards of the deck were preselected) first you had a thiner tube and when you droped it the thicker tube went around it so the ball could fit through then you pulled the thin tube down to provide room for the ball and it went in the big tube

so easy ive neva even seen those tricks before


lol even though it may be obvious to some people like you, doesnt mean you have to ruin the magic :frowning:


okay, if you know so much then figure out these tricks.
#1. Cups and Balls.
#2. how to make a pet dissapear.
#3. how to Deal a royal flush
and how to make all the reds in a deck go to one side and blacks to the other.



i was into magic myself…

then i found a yoyo…



i was into necroposting myself…

then i found a fact no one likes it…


I do a bit of close up magic. I’ve learned many sleights, forces, passes, deals, lifts, etc. It was my main hobby before yoyoing, haha.

If any of you are interested in close up card magic, after you’ve learned your basics and how to present yourselves, you should read all of dai vernons books, pure genius and legend. Learned lots from his books (and many others).

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puts fingers in ears IM NOT LISTENING! LALALALALA!

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people, last time the person was active was in January… He’s not reading anything you post.


fixed for ya :slight_smile:


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