Made my own strings!


lols I’m just bored. This is probably a pointless post, but i just wanna tell everyone abt my homemadestrings!

Haha my first homemade string used a white thread (sewing thread, i think 100% cotton, couldn’t find any polyester), and since i didn’t know how to use the drill, i had to use the pencil method in Xela’s video. :frowning: And was short to the point of no return. It’s string tension was messed up as well, i winded it up way to little. It was thin and short, so i couldn’t bind and unwind my hitman right. (Yup i used my hitman. What? You can’t expect me to use my meteor, it might break!)

So, i did a second attempt, and the string tension was even worse. It was shorter, and thinner, so it was worse, and i threw it away, with my first string,

Yesterday, i found some blue thread and made some using a pencil and winding it up like the 2 previous ones. I spent a lot of time, i spent like 5 mins twirling it, and it was perfect. So, i made a spare.

Today, i finally learn’t how to use the drill by reading the instructions manual. Now, i made 3 strings, and i’m so happy :smiley: Now, i don’t have to worry about the need of buying strings tomorrow ;D haha i burnt through all my strings, and i didn’t have anymore, so this was my last resort. Oh well, i guess i’ll have to switch them pretty often, being 100% cotton :frowning:

Oh well. Now i’ll get back to making more ;D


lol nice work! me and a friend tried making our own! biggest failure ever! lol so we gave up and bought some! haha! im gunna have another bash one day!


haha, yeh, our strings were pretty much a disaster!!! Well done man, after trying to make some, i now have much more respect for people that can actually make em


I made some to they were awful broke in less than 30 min. Oh well ;D


If you want one that is very good for whips, is grippy, and is very durable, mix in some fishing line with it. About 25% fishing line. I made mine, and it has lasted a month already. It’s grippy, but I never do fast tricks, and got used to it.


I might try that