Mac OS X Server


What the freak is this?!? I tried to go to and this page of Mac OS X Server came up with nothing of Yoyoguy. I tried to get it from search, but the site wouldn’t come up! Whats up?


I dunno, but my internet has been really slow lately.
Also, what’s the deal with the new Safari?

(Raphael) #3

I do believie i know what has happened, i think it is fixed now.
last week the website was hacked (i think)
when i went on it took me to a page that stated " Hacked by Cyberking"
with a flag ( i dont know which country but i think it was middle eastern.)
i think they had to move the yyguy website to something more secure.
C0rrect me if i am wrong, but that is my experience with it.