M1 Names


Post a Picture of an M1, then choose a name! Like red can be Bloody Mary (I’m morbid ;D)


Any M1 can be Eminem.

(JonasK) #3

You mean people stealing my idea. I have become the M1 namer by now (so I think). I’ve just given names to a couple of M1s. And I suddenly got a PM from “unknown” asking if I could name a red/black M1. And as I said in my reply to “unknown” , I give M1s names that I associate with the colour. I ended up giving the red/black M1 the nice name of Coke Zero M1. I named brown/yellow Twinkee M1 and I got a Louis Armstrong M1 (black/blue) arriving.

Addment: Thosew of you thinking that I should name the red/black “Blood Stain” or anything containiing the word “blood” should be ashamed. As said, I name by association, and I do not want to associate yoyos with blood.


LOL Black and Blue should be “I’ll bruise you!” RED/Green is Christmas, watermelon.

(Ryan) #5

red and gold could be iron man


Pewter Should be True Steel. Black is Charcoal (Don’t light it!)


red and blue has got to be spider man. or patriot


Red and Blue = 28 Stories.

(JonasK) #9

Nope, red/blue should be “superhero”. Red/blue could also be a lot of stuff, but superhero is by far the best one.


I named my yellow/brown M1 Eleanor :wink:

(JonasK) #11

What happened to Twinkee?


GUESS WHAT, I’M UNKNOWN!!! yup, I asked about a black and red M1! ;D


What about purple/gold. Any ideas?


a business M1.

(JonasK) #15

Purple/gold… tough one. I actually used a really creative method one this one. I won’t give this method away, but I got a cool name for this one:

Iris or Iris Flower M1.

You know… Like the flower:


Whoa… How’d you do that??? :smiley:


Red and Gray. “The Hurricane” :wink: