lowe's carts

(Astrojax) #1

do you have a lowe’s home improvement warehouse near you with the new carts? (not the regular long ones, but the 2 level short/long blue ones.) who likes to race in them? just put your feet on the bar and go flying. i steer with my foot stopping a back wheel. it’s so awesome!!!

(JackG) #2

lol i rode carts when i was 3


I don’t go there much, but I ride shopping carts at Dillons and Walmart all the time. It’s fun. ;D

(Saur) #4

Ikea’s Carts are the best because both sets of wheels turn… haha


Awesome! But then you can’t go as straight.

The big flat carts are great when they’re empty. If you lean down on the handle hard, you can drift. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Saur) #6

I got pretty good at steering them and going straight was kind of hard at first… haha