Lovely bones


ok this has absolutely nothing to do with yo yos

but … ok so my mom wont let me watch this movie…
I have read the book which really didn’t seem all that bad to me…
so is this movie really all that bad???
could someone like post a review???

thanks, yomaster07


I haven’t saw it my mind serves me right it got really horrible reviews.

Try rottentomatoes and see what sorts of reviews those critics have up.


its not about if it got good reviews or not… I really want to see it but my mom thinks its too inappropriate…


Isn’t it PG-13? I’ve read the book and I know that there’s some stuff in there that your mom wouldn’t want you seeing. Buuuuuuuuuut,

Yeah, I hope that helps. Heaven looks really nice.


I’ve seen the movie it’s not that bad


my mom watched last night and said noooo way you are seeing this


How old are you?


well to me the scariest part was the creep guy but the only other reason why hes scary is because my next door neighbor acts and looks completely like him even dresses the same and wears the glasses :o


^ Mr. Harvey likes boys too…


My mom is the same way about me wanting Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for the Wii. What other horror game adapts to you to create your worst fears? It even has a psychology warning at the beginning of the game talking about how the game really gets to know you “This game plays you as much as you play it.” My brother is 18 and they won’t even let him buy it… he could go buy it on his own if he wanted.


Oh well lol, I can see why.

(yoyo jake) #12

if you watch the regular silent hill movie in a 6x5 treehouse with a freind at 1am in the morning and hearing things outside OMG ITS SO SCARY


True that, so much sex.


Watch the movie at night ;D and try not get caught by your mon :wink: