Looking for a new Laptop!!


Hmm… I kinda know which one… but I kinda don’t know so much about laptops… So help me plz :smiley:

So… It must be under $600… Or really close to it.

First off, I’ll be using it mainly for school, although it would be nice to run a few games on it, I was thinking of Bad Company, Call of Duty… etc. And a fast internet… although that’ll probably depend on my internet speed right?

So I was thinking Dual Core Processor… 3Ghz… Around 3 gb ram, and at least 100 GB hard drive. Graphics… don’t really care, I’m pretty sure you can swap it, so I’m mainly concerned with performance.

I was looking at 2 laptops that seem to work… A Dell Inspiron 1545, and a Toshiba Satellite with LED screen or something. (You can probably tell I’m not that good with computers :D)

I know my price range is a bit low, but considering I’m running a 10 year old desktop right now… yeah. So I’m aware I might not be able to get the best one, or one that fits all my requirements, but the closer the better…

Also, if I bought a desktop… will the performance be better for the same price??

Suggest/Recommend AWAY! ;D

BTW, Thanks for all your help. :smiley:


I like my lenovo ideapad y550… I have 4gb ram, 320 gb hard drive, 2.26 ghz core 2 duo, 1 gb graphics card, bluetooth, subwoofer, and much more for only $560… it was on sale tho :stuck_out_tongue: you might be able to find it on sale


^^^ Bit too pricey… but is getting a laptop a good idea? Or will a desktop be far better?

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If it matters whether or not you can carry it around, get a laptop. If you don’t mind having it in one spot, get a desktop- you can get more for your money.

If you want to game with it, and you want a laptop, you will have to go over you price point probably. Games like COD need a computer with a really good video card.

I hope this helps. I am not sure if i can help a lot more, though.


HP is a good brand. I got my HP for 300 dollars at a Black Friday sale at walmart! Great price!


dells are awesome. the graphics card is extremely important if you want to play any games at all. Im pretty sure you cant switch out graphics cards on most laptops too only the way higher end ones have replaceable graphics cards. Do your homework first and make sure it has a decent card in it. :wink:


So a desktop will be better for $600? Then I guess I’ll just get a desktop. Any meet my criteria?


Yes a desktop would be better and you would be able to upgrade it the only thing you lose is the portability


OKAY… then I guess I’m just going to go with a desktop… good ones? any? And slightly above might be fine… I’m azn, and azns will find every good deal on the block! ;D


with or withoout a monitor

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I got mine on ebay for about $450 shipped (used). It can handle MW2 on full HD graphics, though!


without, I have a good one already.

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you might want to do some searching on ebay like I did. You can find some custom made gaming computers there for cheaper than the name brands.


If you want to a computer that can play games really well you might have to pay like 900. If you have a friend that knows how to assemble computers you can buy the parts and tell him to help you assemble it and you could save some money.

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Probably not. If you get a good deal on a used one, you can get it fairly cheap. Mine runs games in HD and i only paid 450


Indeed, most laptops’ GPUs (graphics processing unit or graphics card) can’t be upgraded without lots of tedious and precision-required work which if not done correctly will probably fry the computer.

And it is also true that a desktop gives you more performance for the same/less money. However, having a laptop is very nice and handy. And you don’t really need to spend a ton to get a good desktop. You can probably get one with all those specs you listed, plus probably at least a 512mb GPU for $500 if you know where to look.

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Get an iPad it’s what I use in fact I’m using it for this post you can get one for 500

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No, it is much better to get a Samsung Galaxy Tab, if you want a tablet pc. Or else, you can wait for Chrome OS netbooks to be released before making a decision. They are really fast, and takes up much less memory than Windows 7.


Or instead invest your money in something that you can upgrade and wont be obsolete in 6 months.

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