Look up!

(Runez4lyf) #1

Who do you look up to most on the yye forums?


I think this is the most obvious answer - André. :slight_smile:


Yup, André.

But DocRobot is also a good member, but he left.

And André created this forum, so yeah, André.


I third that André.

(Mark) #5

I fourth that! Andre. But to break the chain, all the Forum eXperts! Samad, DocRobot, Kim-lan, Pheenix, Jayyo and the rest to come!


does André have an account?


Yes. His account name is YoYoExpert.


dryoyo, Jayyo, and André!

I want to be just like them when I go pro!


Fixed :wink:

Not every player goes pro.


Jayyo and Samad! Rock on. I want to be just like them.


My motto is an IF means you’re not as confident as you should be!

(JonasK) #12

Or it might just mean that you might not want to be restricted to one brand at contests.

Addment: If you don’t look up to André, you’d have to be extremely tall.

Snaddment: Hooray for bad play on words. FISHSTICKS


But you also shouldn’t be cocky and overconfident! Maybe it should be a balance of both.
I want to be just like them when I hopefully go pro!


(JonasK) #14

Reading over, I don’t think Jayyo nor dryoyo are sponsored.


Yeah, but that is the same as Chris’s motto-Hopefully in that sentence is like IF. “I want to be just like them when I hopefully go pro!” Translation-“I’m not sure if I’m good enough to go pro, but I think I will be.” Why not be as confident as you can be? Why COULDN’T you go pro? If yoyoing is your thing, and you stick with it, you can go pro, if you want to. What is stopping you from going pro?


The fact that not every player goes pro. You may be one of the best yoyoers in the world, but you still won’t be considered pro to everyone. Take Palli for example. Hes amazing, but hes not sponsored, nor pro.


…and new release, and mastermagic.

Happy Throwing! =]


And Admin ;D

I really look up to JM. Lots of others too, but I think JM is among the most awesome people here ;D

(Runez4lyf) #19

I forgot to say…

I look up to JM, samad and andre!


Juan, Baldo, Brandon Jackson, Augie, Zach. Ill think of more.