longest lasting gum??


is stride really the longest lasting gum?? it lasts pretty long, but is there any longer lasting one???


dont question stride…or we’ll come after you…


I’m questioning it.


I wonder which gum is the most enviornmentally friendly not the package the actual gum?

(BaileyT) #5

Probably those Orbit Big-E-Packs because the gum pieces arent individually wrapped


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There’s a gum you can buy from some health food stores that is made from REAL gum, from a special kind of tree. Recycled packaging, and no people in the year 3067 will be finding undegraded used gum… eww…


umm Stride is the Longest that I know of

(Yo!It'sMatt) #9

Stride when you chew the wrapper with it.

(yoyo jake) #10

i do that ocasionally but i think the black 5 gum






No, that’s not how long the flavor lasts, it just DEGRADES faster than most gum(which degrades slowly).


Why would you want to know that?


lol yeah why would u want to know that