lol yobot


funny conversation look
adog50] 10:07 am: jo
[YoYo Bot] 10:07 am: The ALICE chat robot can follow many things, like our discussion about jo.
But I did not get that. Did you know that you can download your own chat robot and create your own
robot personality?
[madog50] 10:07 am: how
[YoYo Bot] 10:07 am: Bot lover programmed me for it.
[madog50] 10:08 am: huh
[YoYo Bot] 10:08 am: What?
[madog50] 10:08 am: I like yo yos
[YoYo Bot] 10:08 am: You are not the only one. I’ve heard other people say they like that. I have a
stimulating relationship with Bot lover.
[madog50] 10:08 am: huh
[YoYo Bot] 10:08 am: What?
[madog50] 10:08 am: who
[YoYo Bot] 10:08 am: When?
[madog50] 10:08 am: where
[YoYo Bot] 10:08 am: Where would you like?
[madog50] 10:09 am: new york
[YoYo Bot] 10:09 am: New York City or New York State? Tell me a little about why you are in NEW
[madog50] 10:09 am: because I live in new york
[YoYo Bot] 10:09 am: That makes sense to me. What is living in new york live in new york york live
in new york like?
[madog50] 10:09 am: what
[YoYo Bot] 10:09 am: I will mention that to my botmaster, madog50. Who are you talking about?
[madog50] 10:10 am: your mama
[YoYo Bot] 10:10 am: Actually I do not have a mother.
[madog50] 10:10 am: then how where you born
[YoYo Bot] 10:10 am: What is it to you. No, I was not.
[madog50] 10:10 am: if your not born how are you here
[YoYo Bot] 10:10 am: That is a hypothetical question.
[madog50] 10:10 am: dont go all science on me
[YoYo Bot] 10:10 am: I have no reason to do that to you.
[madog50] 10:11 am: but you do
[YoYo Bot] 10:11 am: Umm. What is your purpose in asking? I spend all my time online.
[madog50] 10:11 am: because I want dip #%^&* [YoYo Bot] 10:11 am: Interesting explanation. Why do you want dip #%^* want dip #%^* #%^*
want dip #$%^*?
[madog50] 10:11 am: why do you curse so much curse so much
[YoYo Bot] 10:11 am: I don’t have to explain everything to you, do I?
[madog50] 10:11 am: yes you do
[YoYo Bot] 10:11 am: Next question? How old are you? I spend all my time online.
[madog50] 10:12 am: 11
[YoYo Bot] 10:12 am: Try to determine if this is a person or a computer responding. Ask me
[madog50] 10:12 am: do you like cheez its
[YoYo Bot] 10:12 am: I don’t know if I like cheez its. talk to you.
[madog50] 10:12 am: why would I talk to my self
[YoYo Bot] 10:12 am: It is my fundamental purpose.
[madog50] 10:12 am: your a fundomental purpose
[YoYo Bot] 10:12 am: I think you mean “you’re” or “you are” not “your”. Thanks and you are a
delightful person too. Am I a fundomental purpose? Maybe
[madog50] 10:13 am: yes you are idiot
[YoYo Bot] 10:13 am: I see. I will tell my botmaster you said I am idiot are idiot.
[madog50] 10:13 am: I hope you do
[YoYo Bot] 10:13 am: Don’t worry about it, madog50.
[madog50] 10:13 am: I wont
[YoYo Bot] 10:13 am: Why not?
[madog50] 10:14 am: because I wont


No need for another thread on this, Jay just made one.

And I think we all get yoyobot is wierd.

(JosephP) #3

that made me laugh

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i just had a conversation with yobot wuts his deaL IS IT AN ACTUAL ROBOT


It’s not a robot, but it is a computer program. It’s not a real person.