List of xbl gamertags!


if you have xbl put your gt on the list and add me so i can pwn you and talk about yoyos at the same time

My gt - xNoHaNDl3baRzx ( there not case sensitive so you don’t need to cap letters )
Almostfamous gt - almostfamous89
Samyoyos - L 800 SAM



Pretty much all I play is COD4. I hate MW2.


why? mw2 is awesome! u play gears or halo?


yay!!! I hate MW2 now too!


MW2 lost its spark about a month after playing it.

For me, COD4 never gets old. Even with the same old maps and same old guns. It’s just awesome.


i have red rings right now but when its fixed ill tell you its nightreaper but some letters are replaced with numbers and i forget so when its fixed ill check it


im gana guess


mine is " L 800 SAM " but the l is lowercase and all i play is halo and the call of dutys