So I’ve been hearing from a lot of people that linux is the ****.
What I take of it,
is that linux needs to make a more user friendly…everything…
I’ve had ubuntu on my laptop before, and I’ve gotta say, it was hard to do anything.

What are the ups and downs of linux?


Most of the people who say linux is the best are techies.

pros: FREE; fast; not usually bloated with much of the crapware that Windows comes preinstalled with; a lot of community support; a lot of extensions/customizations available; techie friendly, can tweak it a lot; good environment for setting up your own web server, ftp server, mail server, etc.

cons: your favorite application might not be available for it, so you may have to look for an alternative; configuration is often via configuration files, specifying options that are documented somewhere if you know where to look (vs. point and clicky wizards in Windows); some hardware devices might not be supported, but that has gotten a lot better over the years; learning curve if you’ve never used it before.

My advice: make a list of your must have applications and devices, and see if they’re supported before making the leap.

(VincentD) #3

I really want to try Ubuntu, but the lack of any real video editing software has turned me off.

(JM) #4

If you need access to your windows only programs then just make a partition and have two OS on your computer. It’s really easy to use and Ubuntu actually can do it for you.