life sucks so bad… my mom is putting my dogs which ive had both for 2 years now up for adoption because my new stepdad doesnt like dogs and im not getting any say in it i dont even like my new stepdad hes a lousy butthole!


If putting your dogs up for adoption is the only thing you have to worry about then I’d say your life is pretty good.


I know how you feel; my dog passed away recently and it really does suck to lose a pet that you love, even if yours are just getting put up for adoption. I really hope that your dogs go to good homes.


It does feel bad to loose a pet. But think of it this way: You’ll probably miss them more than they’ll miss you, and owners will be screened to make SURE that they go to good homes.

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i almost had to get rid of my dog due to allergies, but i have had tons of other dogs that have got rid of quickly. Maybe you will get a new one eventually. maybe you can get a small pet like a hamster or bird or reptile or something. Or like i just did yesterday, caught some lizards for pets


try to convince one of your friends to adopt them. or plan B would be convince your friends to murder your step dad. or you can. either way is fine with me.




lawls, I think the first plan would be a little better than plan B


OK…stuff like this happens. Just different stuff happens to different people. Like I have a ton to worry about right now. There’s always something to worry about.


i know how u feel man i had a dog since i was born and a 2 years ago she died. maybe u can get one of ur relatives to adopt it. on the topic of getting a new pet i would deffinetly reccomend getting a reptile. i have a corn snake, a bearded dragon, and a leapord gecko in my house along with a frog (amphibean). if you wanted something cuddly get a leapord gecko. they are come and pretty cute. a snake is nice too just make sure you hold it alot and also the bearded dragon you need to make sure you hold it alot too to tame it. im not saying to definetly get one of those but there great shoices and make very nice pets. if u want more info pm me. and again im sorry about the adoptions

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I got my cat from a woman whose boyfriend was allergic to it. Think of it this way: YOU may be losing the dogs but another family could be so much happier with them.


I had a similar situation when I was 8. Though instead of losing a dog because he didn’t like them, We cut relations with my family because he liked being an unstable and unemployed Vietnam Vet activist.
It happens alot anymore.
Fortunately you are supposedly 16 and can move out or go off to school in a couple years, but don’t fool yourself into believing this is a temporary scenario.

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this isn’t really the place to talk about child abuse and putting your dad in jail.




like hitting babies with yoyos?

My cat died and I didn’t cry, but everybody else did…now we have mice… :’(

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Divorced parents is bad stuff, but look at it this way, at least your mom is happy.

And also, get to know your stepdad. You may have lost your dogs, but if you give your stepdad a chance you might have won a dad. My mom hooked up with a frenchman, and at first I didn’t like him, but then I got to know him and he is a pretty cool guy, primitive but very cool.

Of course if you don’t end up liking him at all then you really have to talk to your mom about it. The fact that parents divorce themselves is hard enough on a kid as it is, but forcing a kid to spend time with someone he doesn’t like tops it off. If your mom doesn’t feel bad about making you feel dad, then something might be terribly wrong.


It was kind of a joke, but I understand your point, I´ll delete it.


No point. They’ve already quoted it like 4 times now.


Yes theres point, I am clearing up that it was an inapropriate joke so I removed it.

On topic, maybe when you know more your step dad maybe you
can agree with him on having a pet that both of you like.


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