LF: Unknown End Part 2, Peak 2, and Bassacuda - FS/FT: Mjolnir, Freyja, Unknowns, Mirage 2020

Looking to buy or trade for a an End Part 2, Peak 2, and Duncan Bassacuda Unknown Editions. Any condition is fine. Open to trades as well. Willing to pay a premium on either of them regardless of condition. Just name your price. As a starting price 175 for the End 2, 100 for the Bassacuda, and 130 for the Peak 2? Willing to negotiate if these prices are too low for you, just name the price that would get you to sell them.

Prices are shipped within the ConUS. Just ask if you want more pictures or descriptions of anything.

Freyja - 25 - Has some small scuffs and a pinprick on one of the rims, very light fingernail vibe that can’t be felt on the string

Unknown Turbine - SOLD

Unknown Tako - 60 - Has a cluster of pinpricks at one spot on the rim, yoyo is still totally smooth though.

Fist Salud Mjolnir - 120 - NMTBS - Has a light fingernail vibe that can’t be felt on the string, feels identical to the light fingernail vibe that every other bimetal I’ve played has had out of the box. Looks and plays perfect with no damage.

Unknown Barbarian - 25 - NMTBS - Has a light fingernail vibe that can’t be felt on the string

Mirage 2020 - 50 - Mint - Only thrown a couple times, totally smooth and basically brand new



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If somebody has a pickaxe for me to explore the Ruins of Alph they will receive a fat stack of cash in return.


I might be able to help out on the Tako. I will message you.

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bumping, still looking for the hummingbird!

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congrats on the pickaxe! hope I can find one soon too :sob:

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new stuff added


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Akita is gone but you could still be the person to hook me up with a diesis or get something cool for yourself

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casting another line for a black bass


I missed the drop lol, whenever you get yours if you decide you don’t like it or just want to make some cash off the drop hit me up :slight_smile:

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Are you sure it happened? I follow both on insta and they’ve not actually announced a date. Some said Elvin told them it would be Tues or Wed. Of it was just a shadow drop I might stop trying to snag anything from RSO.


Yup it was a shadow drop I guess, I never got an email even though I joined the subscription list and there was no IG post.

Orange and raw are still in stock but the Eetsit and Unknown ones are all gone. I won’t complain too much since it’s just a yoyo (and I still want one lol), but it kinda rubs me the wrong way if it’s true that preorders are available for people who bought the last RSO release. That feels like that might be a little borderline predatory when combined with shadow drops of getting people to just buy every release purely for FOMO collector reasons.

I’m just hoping somebody bought one purely with the intention of scalping, or somebody just ends up not enjoying it, because it seems sweet and I want one to play. But the right yoyo in the wrong colorway is still a wrong decision for me.

Edit: Never assume and don’t always trust random links is the moral of the story here.


I feel the colorway thing, and the drop issue. Just seems a little ‘secret clubhouse’ to me. Toys is toys, but that should apply across the board and allow someone new a shot at these things.

Oh well.


I agree as well, was looking forward to it until I woke up and saw they’re all gone :expressionless:


Those were preorders. On the site it still says coming soon for The End

I’m wondering if there were limitations on how many of each color were pre ordered so that way each color still goes live on the drop


This makes me think the drop is still gonna have some unknown