LF: Unknown Bassacuda - FS/FT: Unknown Barbarian, Freyja, Dove -Price Drop/Bundle-

Looking to buy or trade for a Duncan Bassacuda Unknown Edition. Any condition is fine. Have unknowns and Japanese metal to trade. Willing to pay a premium on the Bassacuda regardless of condition. Just name your price.

Prices are shipped within the ConUS.

Take these three yoyos for just 50 dollars.

iYoyo Barbarian Unknown Ed. - Mint, extremely underrated yoyo. It’s a wide and super fast 7075 monometal. Very fun yoyo that’s unfortunately pretty ugly.

Reykjavik Freyja - NM, has some small scratches and a pinprick. Has a light fingernail vibe, can’t be felt on the string. Extremely good yoyo if you like soft H shapes, I just don’t need three of them.

Yoyofriends Dove - Has taken plenty of 5A drops and the rims show it, has just a little more vibe than when it was new. Still a great player and would make a great beater if you’re getting into 5A or want an EDC.





If somebody has a pickaxe for me to explore the Ruins of Alph they will receive a fat stack of cash in return.


I might be able to help out on the Tako. I will message you.

bumping, still looking for the hummingbird!

congrats on the pickaxe! hope I can find one soon too :sob:

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new stuff added


Akita is gone but you could still be the person to hook me up with a diesis or get something cool for yourself

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