Lf - Clear ART/G2 Life

Looking for a clear Life, damage is cool with me, no box needed. Prefer a trade but we can also talk cash if that’s what you want.

Also need a clear Junior, Dip and Trip but i doubt i can afford those right now.


That is an 07 Mudd 888, and you are right, Ben ran them through the dishwasher. Gave it such a unique finish.

Honestly, that alone is likely worth $200. I had sent you a crap offer but retracted because I’m not trying to be that guy anymore. The one I had sold for $110 a few years back and the 2007 has jumped in value.

Consider pricing this bundle higher.

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Dang, i appreciate the info. Honestly i didnt pay a ton for it and I’m also not that guy so I’m down to pass the savings along.

Bump with price drop


New stuff - reduced price on the last one, shipping tomorrow.

@mityman ZeRo