im looking to find a better program thats not impossible to figure out how to use with a little experimenting.ik wmm works fine but i want something new to see what i can do with effects

(DOGS) #2

If new effects are all you want from new editing software, I think you should rethink the videos you plan to make :stuck_out_tongue:


om just looking for something new and i want to experiment

(Ellie) #4

Sony Vegas 8.0?

(JonasK) #5

If you want something powerful without breaking the law, I suggest you try out cinelerra. You do need a Linux distro to run it on though.


Pretty sure VDub is open source. Haven’t had a chance to ever try it out but I hear pretty good things about it.


Adobe After Effects?


get a mac?


Yep. I got a Mac Mini and iMovie is just friggin awesome.

But if you’re running Windows, get Sony Vegas Pro 9.0