Let`s Break The Record For Most Post On This Website


Hey guys help me out I want to break the record for most posts on this website u can put whatever u want but i want to break the record so help me out tell everybody so that they can post so we can break the record fo most post on this website i want everybody on this website to post.Ill start off. I love yoyos

(Cinimod105) #2

I thought there is a post similar to this?


Yep. No point trying to break it, its not possible. If you do…


Pyro Light!


Lock please? This is the same thing as http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,1756.0.html


Why lock it?


I guess you wouldn’t need to lock it, but I just figured that then we don’t keep having posts on this one and the one that started first can grow more.

(Raphael) #8

umm… Quality over quantity :wink:



(JonasK) #10

I found the other spam thread funnier.


Me too.

(Jesse) #12

Why not try to break it? It’s almost impossible, but I’ll contribute one.


(Jesse) #14

I think that the point of this is to try to break that…


Good luck. That one already has 60 pages of posts ::slight_smile:

(Jesse) #16

Haha yeah, but maybe everybody will start to comment on this one instead. I’m rooting for this one to break 60 pages!


Thank you Mongoriller.

(Jesse) #18

No problem, man! It’ll be pretty crazy when we get that manY!

(JM) #19

Records are meant for breaking


But we already have a thread for this same purpose. Because of that, this thread is useless, and should be treated as spam or something.