Leg wrap trap help


So I’ve been trying for a little while to get leg wrap trap, but I seem to keep having problems with it. Everytime I try to do it, I move my right leg forward, then I swing the yoyo through it, but for some reason the yoyo either hits one of my legs or won’t swing. To protect my lovely yoyo I’ve started using a cheap yoyo, that is dead on the string to try and get the motion of it swinging between my legs, but I’m having no luck with that either.

Any tips and advice that I may be missing to complete this trick, because it seems very hard for me to get the yoyo to swing through my right leg and then go all the way around as I bring my left leg to let it through the back.

Thanks in advance for all the wonderful tips!


How quickly are you swinging the yo-yo? It needs to have plenty of momentum to get entirely to the apex of the swing while the string is between your legs.

Can you do a trapeze over your right thigh? The yo-yo needs about twice the momentum compared to that. Well, at least how I do it.

Are you afraid of hitting your… “unmentionables”? If so, practice with a string with a bouncy-ball/Duncan foam ball. It won’t hurt as bad, and the physics are the same even though the weight is different.

Lean your upper body backwards. If you are doing the trick how I think you are from your descriptions of what is going on. I think that might help.

*So I just stood up and made sure what I wrote made sense, because I was only thinking about the trick.

The “trick” to doing the trick is that you have to pull the string right after it starts to swing up, exactly like you are trying to intentionally hit your previously-mentioned “unmentionables”. Then switch your feet. You don’t even need that much momentum to start with, you just have to apply upward force to the yo-yo through shortening the string that is between your legs. A bit scary, and pretty counter-intuitive.

Side note: one can also do this trick as a repeater while walking without ever touching the string with your non-throwhand. Instead of hitting a trapeze, just send the yo-yo for another around-the-world, and behind your right leg again. But the yo-yo has to be going in circles at a very uncomfortably fast pace for people that just learned the trick… Work up to that point!



Man , i just Rolf when reading what your posted XD .

The tricks is just need some momentume , but that’s not the hardest part . The toughest one is landing it on the trapeze ( is just like a normal trapeze but behind the back )


I had so much trouble with this trick, until I realized something. The string must be hitting the inseam of your pants, and the yoyo pinwheels around that. I would try to make the yoyo spin around my thighs, but that doesn’t work. Imagine the string is attached to the inseam of your pants and is pinwheeling around that. Now try it, and try not to get hit.


Try doing it with a yoyo that’s not spinning and if your scared of hitting yourself do it you’re going to hurt yoyoing either way just take it use André’s tip and make the string shorter good luck :slight_smile:


Seriously, if you are that worried, just wear a cup. I also found it helpful to wear shin guards. I never got hit in the “unmentionables”, but I got hit in the shin a bunch of times.


i find Andre’s tips is useful ,make the string shorter


Do you usually swing the string around in a full circle like before moving your right leg Andre does? Hope this helps :wink:


I call this leg wrap wack.


Yeah, I can’t get close to hitting this one either. I feel like my legs are too thick and my jeans too loose. I wonder if turning my torso a bit to the right (TH side) would help.


i just aim for my thigh


In my case I can do it, but it seems to approach my NTH diagonally. Which looks really subpar. :\