Hey guys, my post count is 1337! Now, my posts says “leet”! ;D Andre has such a good sense of humor ;D

Oh well its gonna be gone soon. :’(


LOL that’s awesome. Not sure if he put that so it would say that but awesome! Ha. (Still laughing)


Haha when I saw it, i was like “What?!?! Must’ve been an update.” Man i got confused.

Lol posting in the unrelated discussion page doesn’t add to my post count ;D


Not to sound stupid, but…Whats leet?

(Yo!It'sMatt) #5

That’s so awesome xD
1337 for the win.

(Mitch) #6

Leet, or 1337 is leet speak (Or gamer speak) for elite, or awesome, amazing, top, winner, ect…

(SR) #7

I don’t get it. Leet? What is that supposed to mean? How do you do that. Im confused. ???



Like Pwn language. :wink:

That is so awesome…

(Marvin.D) #10