led yoyo kit for protostar


I just got a protostar but then i found out there was a glow one. I wanted to know if the is a led yoyo kit to put on my proto star. If you dont know what that is its a thing that makes your yoyo light up when its spinning. If there is then where do I find one.


Please stop making the useless polls! You don’t need a poll for this. The questions in the poll say the exact same thing just in a different way. And this is not a Yo-yo review, so don’t put the topic here! This is a general discussion topic or a help/recommendation topic. Move it there.

As to the light up yo-yo, it’s going to take some skills to install the kit, and besides that, the light up is kind of overrated, unless your doing your practice in the dark. I would suggest just leaving the protostar as is.


Please delete this thread.