Last o the yo's (Now with Begleri)

(Gethin) #1

Hey I just have a few throws left that I would like to sell! PayPal is preferred, prices include shipping to conus.

Peak 2 is gone!
Second, a c3 teleport, few nicks $25
Third, gsquared quake al7 few scratches on the dark side, $85.
Buy everything (yoyo’s) for $95

I also just went through my begleri collection, and have a few that I don’t sling nearly as much as I should. They are all in excellent condition, here they are:

From left to right,
AO2 Hydras are sold!
MF Kokonutz $15
MF black ape grapes are sold!
MF ape grapes $15
Forgot the brand but Delrin/Aluminum Hybrids $15
Any MF begleri will come with monkeybars and bumperz of choice, and all come in box or bag with plenty extra cords.
Thanks for checking it out!

(Gethin) #2


(Gethin) #4

Bonk, dropped that peak 2.

(Gethin) #5

Bump number 4 I think?

(Gethin) #6

Bump, dropped teleport and bundle price

(Gethin) #7


(Gethin) #8

Bump, quake dropped, bundle dropped.

(Gethin) #9

Bump, dropped bundle price, added some big Larry’s

(Gethin) #10

Bump, dropped begleri prices.

(Gethin) #11


(Gethin) #12

Bump of the day, buy a yoyo, and I’ll throw in a free pair of Begleri!



(Gethin) #14