(Mitch) #1

Alright… Today has just totaly stunk…

I went to my place of work (taco bell) to pick up my check… Well I thought is was going to be awesome because I’ve put in alot of hours… It turned out the pay cycle ended a week and a half ago… so those sweet hours got cut down and will be on the next check… I had three days worth of work on my check so not cool…

I did get my kicksides in the mail today… Yay!

So I went out to the hardware store and asked about flowable silicone… “What kind of silicone?” Well I finaly found it and bought it… I get home, I made my post about taking out my axle (They were both on the starburst side :(… ) I decicded as I waited for a reply I’d silicone the O-ring sides and let them start to dry… Well I get my silicone tube all set up and its not working… So I read the directions, oh! not only do I cut the top, but I have to cut open the nozzle… Well its still not coming out… I squeeze and squeeze and kablam! the back of the tube explodes! luckily it was only all over my hand… It still isn’t all off…

So talk about a mega lame day huh?

(SR) #2

I feel sorry for you, but, Unrelated Discussion?

(Shisaki) #3

Look on the bright side, more cash on next pay check! Also if the silicone is in chunk then get a big one, cut it, and put into your yoyo!


That stinks. You must have been pushing really hard to actually get it to explode. Did you remember to puncture the top of the tube so it can come out? There is a little piece of paper or something over the opening that you have to poke a hole in.


I bet he’s like,

I may have skipped that part…

(Mitch) #6

No… I did all that