KENDAMA: What are you throwing today?


Who got a frezza… you got a freeza! Missed this one, but the cushion looked flat so no worries.

On a side note they re-released the Booger and now it’s not a ‘Limited Edition’. So if you have an earlier one like some here (and me) so much for that ‘Limited’ part, but it still slays!


Yeah!! I found one!!! And yeah. The proclear looked flat as well but it’s much nicer in person. Nothing like the freeza but still nice. And I got a booger but never play it.


Looks sharp in your pic! If I was any better on pro clear that would’ve been a nice one. Why don’t you pick the booger?


I took it off the hg to match a different tama on it. Ran out of hgs so it’s just chillin.


This light weight setup… matched to .1g lol…


Haha. I just saw that. I’m a slow learner :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>


Do you even play kendama?


No, never gave it a fair try. I throw yo and flip begleri. I just didn’t realize when I first joined the forum that there was more than yo-yo going on here so accidentally cross posted a few times


Country Boy brewing, are you in KY?


Send me your addy if you want and I’ll send you one to jam!

Close… TN!


Oh! I’m from around Lexington, KY. Where country boy brewing is. Just got surprised when I saw that.


Yep we have it in TN too. :slight_smile:
Oh yeah… been there many times. Ale8one! Loved climbing in the Red River and chillin at Miguel’s for years!


Sweet offer and much appreciated! But it’s not my time yet :pray:

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>


That’s cool man. Never thought I’d see ale8one posted up here. Hahahaha!


You should’ve seen some of the climbers when they came back to camp from the Ale8one factory tour! They went all-in buying and wearing the hat, shirt or hoodie, pants, socks and all!


Wow! Hahahaha!


Lk Standard.


The LK standard again!!!

(Neil ) #139

Today’s jam! DWI walnut zawa mod. Been really into kendama lately. Actually been doing #28trickslater on this ken. Only 3 days left.

(Mitch ) #140