KENDAMA: What are you throwing today?


So at first, I didn’t like the cushion at all. Feels like a rubber ball. Way to grippy. No adjustments. If you tried, it tipped instead of slid. Felt heavy due to paint. Lh was a pain to do cause of the grip. It’s like the base would stick and the top weight pushed it over. But after some play and breaking in, wow. This thing is perfect! Tons of grip and cushion, just enough slip for adjustments(sometimes I almost lost my trick cause I didn’t think it would slip) and beautiful. Played with it for maybe an hour total yesterday and not paint peeling. I did have a asphalt hit from a down spike but it hit on the hole so it actually helped me break it in. So, all in all, it’s a must try.


Glad you like it! I also felt like it was a bit too grippy at first, but once I landed a couple of lunars in succession I started to change my mind. ;D Is your cushion tama heavy or just feel heavy? I doubt the paints ever add more than a few grams. The density of each individual piece of wood seems to play a bigger role in my opinion. Mine weighs in at 72 grams and feels light and floaty. It is about perfect. The ken it came with is also a slayer, weighing in at 69 grams. Pretty good lunar balance. I actually ended up pairing the marble chameleon cushion with an HG maple ken and put the f3 with my 72 gram HG birch sourmash rasta (3 stripes in the middle, clear otherwise) tama because they just matchup so well. I play musical ken and tama whenever I get a new setup to see if I can find the best matchup for each tama/ken. Have played with mine (cushion) for about 3 hours so far. Aside from concrete, I dropped it on also on my wooden floors a dozen times and half a dozen times on painted concrete (garage). No paint loss. Pretty impressive. I will be getting some more in the future for sure.


My taffy tama feels mad heavy. Def compared to the f3 Ken. Gonna weigh it later but will probably leave it on till I run into a new hg Ken.

I just received my mystery hg last night(came early) and got a padauk stripe. Was excited till I went to restring it for lefty. There’s a crack all the way from tip to half way down Ken. Pretty sad. I sent an email to sweets but it’s Sunday so I’ll probably have to wait till Monday night to hear back from them. Might just call Monday instead. Hope this gets figured out.


Bummer. I got my second booger on Thursday, but there is a crack in the big cup so I am waiting to hear back as well. I contacted them about 11am PST on Thursday right after I opened it up and haven’t heard back yet either. I will probably be calling them on Monday as well.

Back on topic, today I have been playing a lot with my Fire Opal HG today because the moisture in the air seems to be making it really grippy so my lighthouses are super easy to catch at off angles. Kinda fun. Even with this moisture however my Popsicle HG is as slippery as one. I believe that one day it will break in and be glorious, but I might not live that long.


was the second booger a mystery hg?


No, I liked my first booger so much I had to go back for more. They got back to me right after my previous post and are sending a new ken with a return label for the defect. Can’t complain about that service!

(Rock Shouse) #87

Guantlet & Big Dipper Aqua…


HandMade DeathRay, by my good friend Mad Joe.


just got in this grapevine.




Generic crackle today. Cheap China model.



I’ve been going back and forth between 2 setups lately. A Grain Theory GT1 Maple Ken w/ a DWI Greyscale Sticky AF tama, and a DWI Maple Ken w/ a Sweets Maple HG Terra Painted tama.


Really liking the birch ken.




LK Standard


Macintosh Ozora


Mac ken is sweeet! Never knew of DWI until now either. They look great too.

Maple RWB with BumbleBeeTigerFire tama…





44RPM Funk