i just found out K-strass will have a performance act along side comedian Neil Hamburger on tomorrow night. I am the only Thrower that i know of in Iowa City, IA so i think i really should go and learn some of K-strass’s AMAZING tricks from the pro himself. SWEEEETTT!!!


You have to be kidding me! You are joking right?


i am not joking at all check it out! http://www.midwestix.com/WebSales/Pages/VenueListPage.aspx?rguid=eeff54a0-7334-40a7-985d-1a3b249ae894&

(Mi) #4

K-Strass is old news.
But for those who want to learn his tricks.

(M²) #5

There is a reason heres appering on a comedian show…


K-Strass fools the news station by saying he’s good and he goes to schools and performs and whatever then makes a fool of himself and the news. Then it repeats and some people think he’s good who are clearly not yoyoers or are really stupid. no offense

(Kei) #7

Wow, this is suprising. K-strass = fail. But who knows, he is pretty good at humiliating himself maybe this is the right place for him…

(LookAYoYo) #8

i thought this got resolved. K-strass is a comedian. this was one of his acts he does.

(Mi) #9

This isnt an act he does it to prove that the news stations don’t make sure people are telling the truth I believe. Obviously he can BS about whatever he wants and the news makes it out to be fact.