just....... wow -_-


Minor Content Warning*********

are you kidding me?



The “Almost Raped” index will increase over 9000!!!
Does it come with virtual mace and a PDF of SCUM Manifesto?
It would probably be cheaper and, not to mention, more effective to just feed your daughter McDonalds 4 meals a day and raise her to believe passing gas in front of company is ok.

…Oh 1:39 . apparently I misspoke. According to the film, I think it’s supposed suppress promiscuity by teaching them to act like they have cerebral palsy.
Yeah, that will probably work.





(LookAYoYo) #6

i think abstinince in general is a bad idea. i dont want to start a debate on this thread, so if you dissagree, just pm me.

and i am not sure of the content in the game, but i bet a lot of people will use it for opposite intentions