Just got back


I just got back from going to taiwan, and hiking in New Mexico, and really missed out on all the yoyo stuff… I came back and started reading the forums, and found a DMII… What’s the difference between DMII and the DM? And also, would anyone mind telling me what’s happened since June…

(SR) #2

Hey, welcome back! Haven’t seen you in awhile!

General-Yo has released the MiniStar and the Magnum!
Everything else important since you’ve been gone you can read over at http://www.YoYoSkills.com

About the Dark Magic 2…I did an article on YoYoWiki earlier today:

“The YoYoJam Dark Magic II is the sequel to the ever popular Dark Magic , the signature yoyo of national yoyo master Andre Boulay . This second version features a variety of differences from the previous Dark Magic. The first is the shedded rim weight; the previous version weighed in at a whopping 70 grams, and at the request of many members of the yoyo community, YoYoJam changed the weight to a more comfortable 67 grams. The diameter is slightly smaller, and the width is lightly wider. Some bigger differences between the two versions is that this second version features YoYoJam’s new Solid Axle system. The Dark Magic II switched from hybrid response , which came with the old version, to a very likable silicone . Another bigger difference is that this version ships with a responsive bearing in the yoyo, to learn more beginner tricks, and when ready to move on to more complex tricks, it also ships with a unresponsive YoYoJam Speed Bearing, which allows for 100% unresponsive play.”
Actually sounds like a great yoyo.

Hope I helped.


ahh… thanks.