Juggling, anybody?

(Jesse) #1

Well, first I should mention, yesterday at my yoyoclub (Yoyojoes), something absolutely amazing happened. I got Boingy Boingy! It has had me stopped for a while. I then proceeded on to finish 6 more tricks, and I am fairly close to completing the tricklist! Anyway, with the prizes that I got, I purchased a new Die Counterweight and a set of 3 juggling balls.

I can do a simple 3 ball cascade, I think it’s called that, it’s just the normal way of juggling I guess.

And I can juggle 2 balls in one hand.

Does anybody else juggle, and can you please post good places to learn different ways?


lol can you tell me whats on that trick list? :stuck_out_tongue:

I can do the simple “normal” 3 ball juggling, the kind of 3 ball juggling that you see everyone doing.

(Mitch) #3

I’ve been trying… I’ve never been able to get the hang of it…

(jared) #4

i judged him o yeaa lol

(Jesse) #5

No, you’re wrong. Joe judged me. I was trying out the Atmosphere and decided to try Boingy out of nowhere in front of Joe, and I freaking got it!!!