Join the forum!

(VincentD) #1

I was looking at who was online and saw that there were almost as many guests as members :o

SO to those guests: please join the forum!

It’s not very hard and you’ll be able to get better help w/ yoyo stuff.


Yeah! I agree! Join YoYoeXpert forums, and I promise cookies to anyone that meets me!


Exellent idea to post this!!!

(Jeromy K.) #4

We don’t bite…Unless you ask realy nice. :wink:


I only bite for MONEY!!


Come on guys, join us… join us… creepy smile

You will get help from other people that know these tricks plus more! Also, you can make lots of new friends here! Just look at Samad and Doc, there so close that Doc gave Samad a bunch of free stuff… hmm. I wonder…


Yea, Great idea but one things,

Most Guests are here to watch the Learn Videos and Buy stuff, A smaller amount is actually watching the forums.

(Jeromy K.) #8

If you join I’ll give you a hug and whisper “thank you for joining” in your ear. LoL we are just a little off …Well maybe it’s just me. ::slight_smile:


Okay guys!!! Here is what I will do! I will send a welcome PM to every new member, and uh…yeah.

(system) #10

Everyone should join!!

I’ll give you a free (metaphorical) superstar!!! ;D


JOIN THE FORUM, no gangs, promise?

Happy Throwing! =]