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kay well, we sorta need more people on the teams for this thread,14584.0.html so i figured i get things going with this little recrutmant thread. It’s just sort of a game… there is not a big point to it… it’s just light harted fun. So why not join? The teams are going to have a vid battle soon which will be fun. So far we have
Me (M2)
Buhdda Fusion
Johnney rocks!
Lazy Thrower
Mr. Genki

I even took a little time to find a mascot.

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I would join one of those but im not good enough


A m2 ima get my friends to join his name is thebombcrap101 and im gonna also get one of my friends to make a forum account and maybe join if he likes the forums

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it’s not neccisarily a yoyo team, it’s a forum team, you don’t even need to be able to throw a breakaway. You can join, should i put you down?


no, but i thought you said theres going to be a video contest, I didnt say im bad , im ok, I just am not sure

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It’s just for fun. You don’t have to do the video contest. And if you do, no ones going to hate you if you don’t do well. S’all in good fun.


oh, well I dont know yet

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k, jsyk theres not commitmant or anything. You can join and quit wenever you want.


I wanna join my friend buddhaFusion said to do this team


Mike MOnster reporting for duty, SIR!

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Kay, well we know have seven, but if someone else really wants to join i might be able to throw you in.

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k, i added demon to the team.


m2 when are we gonna have the vid challenge?


Thnkz for puting me on the team m2 and thanks buddha for telling me to get this team
if theres a vid challenge me and buddha will make our vid at school

(M²) #16,14850.0.html you can make one up on this thread. I was thinking you could do a battle and open up another thread with a poll attached. Unfortunatly (i’ve said this 100 times) i don’t have a camera. But i might be able to get my hands on one soon. And when i do… muahahahahahah!!!


I’ll join Kusagari.

Happy Throwing! =]

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I added yoyolunatic


ill join… maybe yea okay ill join for now since you pm’ed me


A M2 I could be the one who does video editing im good with that stuff and i could have my friend whos makes promo vids for skating do it to (he use to help me send in vids for flows)
so when we do a vid challenge i can make ours