I’m a freshman and I just signed up for a tutoring job. Just wondering, for those teenagers that have a job:

  1. How do you get paid? Cash or check?

  2. If you get a check, what do you do?


Freshman in high school? Or college? If high school, that’s pretty good to already be tutoring. Pretty good for college too

I had a job for two days but had to quite due to the environment. I got paid with a check and I cashed it. Some of it I put in my savings account and some I kept.


Freshman in High School FTW!

(JackG) #4

i referee soccer and get about 2000 dollar a year for about 50 games


i walk a dog for 30 minutes a day and make 25 bucks a week. i get paid by check
what i do is take it to the bank and you just tell them either in account or cash

(Mitch) #6

I get a check from work every other thursday, I go in, sign for it, take it to my bank, and depending on what I plan to do I either deposit it into my account or cash it… Some times I only deposit part and keep the rest for spending cash…

If your working through the school or with a parent you might get paid cash… Lucky… Under the table, no taxes…


youll prolly get paid cash, and if you do get a check just deposit it into your bank account if you have one or if you dont, just take it to the bank or a liquor store and have them give you cash.


Liquor store? Really? Even if you could do that, that’s not gonna be possible for somebody in high school.


well my cuzin gets paid in checks and he takes it to the liqour store in the corner and hes a senior

(JM) #10

If it’s a check, have your parents cash it for you. Anywhere other than a bank will charge you.

(JonasK) #11

This works different for me than most others here. I have to give my employer a tax card. Because I am still below a certain age, I don’t have to pay taxes as long as I deliver that card. If I don’t deliver that card, I will get a punishment tax, which is 50 % of my payment. I can get that 50% back if I deliver that card after I got the payment. I usually give my account number to the employer so that my money goes directly on to my account.

(JackG) #12

seems complicated


Thanks for the info guys.

To Smoke: I’m working with a parent’s kid so which means the parent pays me. Most likely cash. Once I saved up enough money I’m buying a G5 or and 888!

(JonasK) #14

Not that complicated. Deliver card, work, get money.

But Norway is usually a bit more complicated than the US. We pay a lot more tax here. And we pay a lot more tax on everything. We pay 13 % tax on foods and 25% on anything else. Then we have free health care and stuff. The state is also paying my rent and my food now.