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I currently have a job working as basically an assistant for a heating and cooling company. It’s easy, fun, and the money is nice, but there is so much smoking and cursing that it bothers me because I am 16 and Catholic. Plus, my boss’s boss, who I also work with, is very very disrespectful. On top of that, the other day he had a margarita with lunch and proceeded to drive even though I told him it wasn’t a good idea. He said that “that law is for wusses” but with a different word at the end. He thought it wouldn’t affect him at all, but after the alcohol set in he ended up yelling at a customer on the phone. Do you guys agree that I should quit?


I don’t have a job yet(because I’m only 15) but I personally think the best thing to do is find and secure a replacement job first before you quit. Unless you don’t mind being jobless this summer.


Filipino Kid is right. If you really need the money, you better not quit before you find another job first. But if the money isn’t as important, just quit. I really wouldn’t wanna spend my time doing something with people i don’t like.


Yeah the money isn’t a major problem. My parents pay for food and the basic stuff, but if I wanted to go get a movie or something like that I have to pay for that. I don’t do that much though and even if I did I get an allowance usually so the money isn’t a factor in this. I have to talk to my dad (mom said so) and then I’ll post back on what’s going to go down if you’re interested.


Let us know what happens. I support you in doing what feels right and safe.


Do what you think is the right thing to do. Studies show that the enviorment around you will make you into what you’ll be.

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yeah, man get the heck outta there. you don’t need that bullcrap or that kind of drama. it’s not like you’re locked into a career with a wife and kids and a mortgage. there’s plenty of other stuff you can do that won’t leave you feeling morally violated.


Give it a tiny bit more time, or speak to him personally. Other than that, ditch him.

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No cursing!! Please!!1

Anyways from my point of view you should quit but from your decision you should also consult with your parents and think if you really need that job or not.

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means foul language

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yeah i know what it means. nobody was cursing.


Is this your poing L3adrine5?

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Apetrunk - “Bad company corrupts good morals.” :wink:


Ha that’s what I’m saying. The worst part to me was the driving drunk. Sure, he probably wasn’t over the .08 limit but that doesn’t mean his driving wasn’t worsened. I did get paid today ($170 for two days of work) which was good, but tomorrow I’m going to mention this whole thing to the Big Boss, i.e. the owner of the company and this guy’s dad.


Sorry for the double post.

Ok I didn’t call him because I was busy but should I just say something like, “Hey your son was driving after drinking alcohol and it worried me a lot. Do you think you could talk to him about that?” Would that sound fine?

EDIT: Just talked to the dad. Apparently he doesn’t really care either. =(