Jensen Kimmitt's birthday today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just wanted to announce that it’s Jensen’s birthday today! Sorry I’m late on the announcement! So celebrate it by watching a lot of Jensen Kimmitt! Happy birthday Jensen!!! ;D


Just got the Protostar(partially cause of him) and it takes a while to get used to the shape but I really like it. Happy Birthday


Happy birthday Jensen he also got me to get the protostar which im getting saturday! ;D

(Johnny rocks!!!) #4

me toooooo


I’ve been looking at them. Maybe I’ll have to get one next paycheck. Happy late bday Jensen.


i just got my protostar a couple days ago ;D
but anyway happy birthday jensen!!!


UR MY IDOL :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy B-Day Jensen! You rock.

Someone should email this thread to him.


Happy Birthday Champ. Looking forward to what you come up with next!