I've got a knot in my YoYo string!


I must be learning :slight_smile:


two words… pli, ers


Yes, this is the only way I can cope with getting knots… Making a useless thread about it… Don’t judge… :frowning:


Looked up sadly at my wife, eyes moving away from the new knot on my string and declared, “So, you’re going to get lots of knots when you’re still learning to consistently stick a GT Suicide.”


I think the thing that suprises me most about this story, is that your wife knows what a GT suicide is 0_0


Haha! That WOULD be surprising. But no. I just didn’t record the part of the conversation where I show a trapeze suicide and explain what the “suicide” part is, show her a simple GT and explain what that is, and THEN proceed to try demonstrating what the combination of the concepts-- a GT Suicide (or Suicide GT, take your pick!) would be.

My son has a remarkable memory for tricks, though. We’re shopping last night and he says to the salesperson, “My dad can show you a Mach 5. That’s a yoyo trick. The Mach 5.” at which point of course I had to demonstrate a Mach 5.



so proud of his daddy.

i <3 knots


I use a safety pin to get knots out. I also use my safety pin for de-shielding bearings (when my Xacto isnt handy) and applying minuscule amounts of lubricant to my bearings. A throwers best friend in my opinion.


My girlfriend takes the knots out for me. The Rhino tool works well too and comes with a bearing may wanna check that out!


I had never encountered that one before! Neato… now if only there was stock…


It does I saw about 15 2 weeks ago but before that there was none for a while, Its a very useful tool if you can get it when its in stock lol