Its soo cool...[Wii]


;D ;D ;DI think its cool that I’m able to get on the internet on the Wii. Does anyone else have a Wii? Mabye we could add eachother to our contacts:]

(Thomas) #2

Me have a Wii and a PS3 and a X-box 360 and a PS2 and a x-box and a PSP and a DS and gameboy but sure you could add me.


i have all the nintendo systems
including the wii


NERD lol

(Yo!It'sMatt) #5

Super mario galaxy 2 is the most addicting game ever.
Mario > COD


I have a Wii, I also really like the internet feature too. I had to figure that on my own though.


I have a Wii.

I should be getting an R4 for my DS soon so that will have internet.

And my MP3 player has internet. Actually… The chat on YYE works on my MP3. That was pretty cool when I found that out. Some youtube videos dont though.


So I’m guessing that the forums work too, right?


Yep. It works in the forums. (this was typed on my MP3)


Awesome. Sounds cool.