It's my anniversary


Yep. I’ve been married for 19 years today.

For those that say you’ll never get married, You don’t know what you are missing.

Also you can PM me for my address to send the anniversary gifts. lol


happy anniversary man and to ur wife too :smiley:


Congrats, my 10th anniversary is coming up in a month. :smiley:

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happy 19th, you make me feel young lol… oh wait… i am… :-\


I guess your wife must be a catch if she let you make your Agapes, Happy anniversary!



Although now I feel that my 3 year anniversary with my girlfriend coming up is nothing now.


She is but that made no sense. The Agape is a money maker. That is why she let me. lol


I’ll bring some gifts down. How do a yoyo case with like a DV8, Protostar, and some other stuff, an 8gb flash drive, and an extension cord sound? Haha.


Happy 19th duder!!! I’m on my 4th year of being divorced, LOL!! Ok, all joking aside, I hope your wife and yourself have a great one today!!!

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That’s great Casey! Congrats!


Meh well your way ahead me and my Girlfriend’s 6 month anniversary.



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it would be kinda funney if someone brings up this thread and says congrats a year from now…


That sounds like an AWESOME gift!!!

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Happy anniversary!


If you guys didn’t know…He left the above in my car from Moyo. Haha.

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Congrats! Happy Anniversary! :smiley: