It's finally over!!!

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Well guys I finally made it through high school! Today was year book signing and this saturday I walk across that stage. It’s been a very long and fun 13 years of school, but I am so super glad it’s done. Word of advice high school is really hard with the high school drama and some of those advance classes but once your done and passed you feel amazing knowing you made it. This is not the end of my schooling I am heading to Kentucky to study hospitality and culinary at Sullivan University, so just three more years and i’ll have a bachelors degree. Can’t wait to go to college!




YAYYY! Congatulations. Life only gets messier and more dramatic from here,. Just yoyo a lot and ignore the stress. I barely remember High School but I miss it.


Congratulations, Yocrazygoofey! I’m going to Kentucky in a week. That’s where I’m from. I went to the University of Kentucky in the '70s.


I’m going to HS next year!

My quote:

“I’ve been through purgatory, now i’m going to hell”


please dont use “bad words” on this forum,I know its not too much of a bad word,but some people think it is. :wink:



But he wasn’t using it in that context. He was saying Hell in a religious kind of way.

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I got “high school” next year aswell. The second year will probably be fun though. I just need to talk to some EF guys and I’ll move to your side of the atlantic.

Addment: HA!


Addment: I think this video fits in this thread-

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l0l nice vid and thanks guys

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Alright guys today is the day I walk aross the stage. And i’m hopeing I don’t trip and fall on my face. l0l

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Make up your own word until mine is in the dictionary.


Once again, I agree with Pheenix.

Stop stealing his word! :wink:


(No, I’m just messing with ya’ Pheenix :P)

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Wow that was the longest three hours of my life 600+ kids l0l. But 13 years for a little piece of paper got it done!!!