(M²) #1

My hands are chapped and whenever the string even touches it, it BURNS! PAIN! :o HELP ahhh it burns. Can’t yoyo with hands in this condition. I probably got this from yoyoing in the cold. It BURNS AHAHAHAHahah PAIN. AHHHHHH!!!


Then just use some lotion.

(JayVee) #3

I personally prefer applying petroleum jelly or something similar to my burns. It helps heal and protect small cuts. Partner it up with a bandaid and you should be good to go. Remember, this only works for small cuts, preferably on the fingers. If they’re on your palm or anywhere else on your hand, then I’d go with applying lotion for a few days


After a while you just get used to the burning but yeah you could use lotion or something.

(M²) #5

I’m out of goldbond. Anyways it doesn’t hert so bad now, but when it did i felt like my avatar. lol

(JM) #6

Then just tap and deal 1 damage to your string! Problem solved! XD


i have a bearded dragon just like that

(M²) #8

HECK NO. Those things cost $0.10. But good referance anyways. Not enough people play magic these days.


Awesome beardys are one of my favorite.