Is NickMa on this forum?


I sent him money for a pair of loop 900s via paypal on the other forum, the day before it randomly went offline. I sent him a 5 cent additional paypal payment as it was the only contact method i had, but it was refunded, leading me to believe he saw the message which read
“Hey, it looks like yoyonation forums are down. the previous 20 dollars, to be clear, was the for the set of 2 loop 900 yoyos from Decahedron on the forum.”

So i sent the original payment July 3rd, no yoyos yet.


Sorry to hear this. I don’t know the answer to your question.

Keep an eye on your time constraints to initiate a PayPal reversal though. If it grows near you should begin the process.


Yoyonation is working again.